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Huizhou JD New Material Tech Company Limited is a leading manufacturer of quality hose products. JD runs 24 hose production lines & 4 resin granulation production lines in Guangdong, China. We can produce more than 2000 tons of finished garden hoses every month.

Create an international first-class corporate brand

With over two decades of expertise, JD has grown to be a professional certified supplier for large distributors like Home Depot and WalMart. We are a favorite OEM and ODM manufacturer for big names in the field such as STANLEY. JD factory is ISO certified and most of our hoses are REACH and PRO65 compliant.

Build a one-stop hose solution

JD has own a world recognized hose brand "AGL" which is also a famous branding in China. We can make and supply a variety of hoses, including 3-ply to 8-ply, braided and knitted garden hoses, soaker hose, sprinkler hose, gas hose, welding hose, drinking safe hose and more. We are proud to see AGL branded hoses are widely recognized by professional gardeners, farmers, miners, chefs, car owners around the globe.

Looking to the future

Choose JD, choose a one-stop watering solution partner!

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